Our Edge Technology

EchoStorm’s adLib rack solutions use Apple’s Xserve and Xserve Raid at the heart of its architecture. Our software leverages multiple technologies and standards. This means it can adapt to almost any end-user platform or device. We also apply standards-based technology and Web services to provide secure content delivery network solutions, letting you communicate across a variety of platforms and infrastructures.

“EchoStorm technology can manage vast amounts of video, images, and data.”

EchoStorm’s technology can connect to a wide variety of legacy systems through the application of common technologies and standards. A collection of simple Web services combine in a loosely coupled system to solve complex problems. By leveraging a blend of service oriented architecture (SOA), open standards, and Web services, EchoStorm technology can manage vast amounts of video, images, and data. This information is easily adaptable for content-disseminating organizations and users.

Pioneering software is the power behind EchoStorm’s video and data management technology, and it is proof that we can put the power of imagination in your hands. Learn more about how EchoStorm delivers the power of imagination to you.