Imagine being able to manage all of your digital video recordings without sacrificing speed or quality. EchoStorm’s easy-to-use turnkey media management technology can search and identify precise video clips on demand. It is fast and secure, and it turns imagined needs into reality. EchoStorm uses standards-based technology – such as h.264 – to deliver full-screen video to a variety of devices. Combining this technology with Web services means that only the presentation layer needs to be adapted or changed. Devices such as set-top boxes, game consoles, or Small Form Factor PCs, can easily display full-screen video on televisions. Using EchoStorm technology, video distribution is fast and efficient, plus the video can be sent securely to mobile devices.


Think of a surgeon or healthcare center reviewing video, images, and metadata from multiple archives and systems in a collaborative environment. Imagine if you could forget about the “stovepipe” computer networks and diverse legacy systems while still satisfying HIPAA requirements.

Our adLib software can give you that power. Its net-centric service oriented architecture (SOA) can give medical providers an easy way to collect, manage, and distribute patient information on a highly-secure, need-to-know basis, in near real-time, to virtually any device – from a laptop to a desktop PC.

EchoStorm technology is making a difference. We put the power of imagination into your hands. Learn more today.