How to take care of your luxury watches

A luxury watch is costly indeed and it is thus to be considered as a precious asset in terms of investment. From a different view, if we observe a luxury watch properly, we can easily find the beauty, complexity, and intricacy in it and the great history and craftsmanship behind the making process of the same. As every delicate item demands special care the luxury watch also needs proper care and handling through out its service life; therefore it is important to know how to care for your luxury watch.

After purchase, you need to set date and time in your luxury watch. It is never wise to use a shortcut method to set the time or date because shortcut setting process may damage the internal mechanism of the watch. Another Swiss brand, Invicta, also remain much dispute. There are many people talking about its good and bad. If you are a fan of Invicta, read this Invicta watches review to have the best decision.

There is an easy way to determine the am and pm of the watch; in order to do this, you need to pull the crown completely and hands are to rotate in a clockwise manner. With the rotation of the hands in a clockwise manner, the dates will be automatically forwarded. However, the Swiss brand watches with a complicated calendar may seem more complicated but it is always wise to act according to the instruction manual where the recommended process of the manufacturer is described. The watches with perpetual calendar should never be adjusted with advanced date and month; it may disturb the internal mechanism completely.

You need to regulate your activities while wearing the luxury watch. Manual winding watches are never recommended for playing golf or playing tennis. Luxury watches are water resistant and water proof; however, it is always should be checked with the manual if the watch is the compatible accessory for playing water sports. Chronograph watches should never be operated under water although a few exceptions are available in this category.

For daily external cleaning of your luxury watch, a small piece of flannel will be ideal. It can clean all the smudges and fingerprints from the glass dial or from the watch case. The glass dials of luxury watches are in general scratch proof therefore if you ensure minor care for the watch while in use, you will be able to avoid scratch to a large extent.

Great care should be taken for bands, bracelets and leather band. Whereas rubber bands and rubber bracelets may be used for longer period of time metallic bracelets and leather bands need periodic cleaning and replacement, respectively.

The servicing of a luxury write watch should be done only at an authorized serviced center; while the battery of a quartz watch needs to be recharged, the gasket of the watch needs to be properly checked.

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