Ultrasonic Cleaner Used for Complex Objects Clean

If your dirty objects are odd in shape and complex detail in design, a good ultrasonic cleaner can help clean these items in a professional way. If you clean them using traditional ways, some dirty sections, such as blind hold, deep crevices, and narrow grooves, might not be reached with the manual work. With the help of ultrasonic cleaning, these dirty grimes and particles in deep and narrow parts can be easily removed and significantly maximize the overall cleaning performance. Check this ultimate review and guide for ultrasonic parts cleaner machine.

ultrasonic cleaner for complex objects

Cleaning tips for Complex detail objects

Some odd shaped items might have blind holes. These blind holes should have entrapped air which resist the ultrasonic sound wave reach, if not emptied beforehand. The air in the blind holes should be released first, otherwise, these blind holes with air pockets won’t be cleaned.

The dirty items should not be laid out in stacking way. While you are placing the bulk objects in the tank, these small items should be laid in the same layer, rather than stacking layer by layer. The bottom layer always receives the strongest power from the transducer. Therefore, if more than one layered items in the tank, the top layer won’t get the best cleaning treatment.

For another, the capability of absorbing ultrasonic power is also different. The heavy items absorb the more power than those light ones, and the materials of items also affect the absorb power. The more power of ultrasonic wave the items can absorb, the better result will receive.

Actually, the items on the bottom will absorb the most of the power, then the rest layers receive the remaining power. Obviously, the objects on the bottom will get the best cleaning performance.

One phenomenon you might notice during the cleaning process is those dirty grimes might not be blasted away, but only gently lifted and still float around the surface of items. To completely get rid of these contaminants, users can lift the basket down and up, repeat it a few times to flush away those small contaminants ultimately. This is especially useful if your objects are complex in details and have many blind holes in the structure.

Electronics can also be immersed in the liquid tank as long as they are off from the power. Electronic devices are also suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, especially for those odd shaped ones. Just remember to completely dry them up before plug them back in the power outlet.

As you can see, cleaning complex objects might be more complicated, but if you know more tips and apply them properly during the action, you will totally enjoy ultrasonic cleaning process.

AdLib – Video and Data Management Software

EchoStorm’s easy-to-use adLib video and data management software revolutionizes “situational awareness.” No other software in the marketplace can simultaneously capture, standardize, process, and fuse video, images, and data from multiple sources in quite the same way. But there’s more. adLib distributes this information in a near real-time, secure format to all users, regardless of their location, bandwidth, or device.

Imagine securely integrating and distributing video, images, and data from in-theater combat systems, healthcare databases, traffic cameras, fixed surveillance systems, television broadcast feeds, and more – to any networked device.

adLib provides the “fusion” mechanism for interoperability and standardization to manage inputs from virtually any source. adLib also gives you live and archive playback on a variety of devices, such as hand-held devices, PCs, and laptops – with no software to install. Imagine!

Learn more about how EchoStorm’s adLib delivers imagination through innovation.

The Power Behind adLib: Technology


By leveraging best-of-breed technology, adLib turns imagination into reality. It captures video, images, and data from nearly any source and lets you play it back on a variety of devices without having to install custom software. adLib’s service oriented architecture (SOA) and network structure lets users manage and deliver the largest of files intelligently and rapidly – regardless of their network connection.

Format Support

adLib employs Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) and Motion Imagery Standards Profile (MISP) compliant MPEG2-TS dissemination for MPEG2 and fully encrypted h.264. adLib also offers standard video support for input as well as dissemination.

Data Support

adLib will support multiple data types and protocols that include Metadata Capture Support: UDP/Serial/File. Video Capture Support: IEEE 1394/Composite. Video Output Support: MPEG2 – (TS-ES)/MPEG-4/h.264 baseline profile. Metadata Support: ESD/CDF/KLV/CC/Buster/RC-26/Recon III.


adLib integrates with ArcIMS, Falconview, Google Earth, Cursor-on-Target, and C2PC, as well as iCAV and TRITON portals, while providing near real-time geospatial video and sensor data. Importantly, adLib offers an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Map Service (WMS) compliant map engine.

adLib Configuration Flexibility

EchoStorm delivers adLib customized to your requirements:


A scalable configuration. Fits neatly in a standard 19-inch rack.

Custom Footprint

Based on requirements or the mission’s need. Comes inside standard Anvil cases or HARDIGG ruggedized cases.